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New Zealand Political Party.

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Arts & Culture Policy Position

Encourage the use of digital technologies that open new pathways to arts participation, education and engagement, and support initiatives that enhance Maori ...

Better Healthcare

Health information systems need to change to support new models of healthcare

Cannabis Policy

Immediately legalise medical use of cannabis and set up a licensing system to regulate and administer the cultivation of natural cannabis for medical use

Christchurch Rebuild Policy

For Christchurch to move on, its people must have something to look forward to, rather than constant reminders of the disaster

Digital Economy & Innovation

Digital technologies, including the Internet, are an opportunity to overcome persistent problems that New Zealand has faced over decades, such as low product...

Dolphins Policy

New Zealand's rarest dolphins, Hector's and Māui, face extinction from the use of gill nets and trawl nets and the expansion of off-shore mineral exploration...


There is both an immediate need as well as significant opportunity for New Zealand to shift focus from finite fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and gr...

Free Tertiary Education Policy

No fees for study in public tertiary institutions. Universal student allowance. Restore the student allowances for post-graduate students and the Training In...


Independence is the ability of New Zealanders to democratically exercise sovereign control and make decisions without undue influence over all aspects of the...

Modern Schools

We will help schools and teachers develop external networks for collaboration, innovation and resource creation

Privacy and Internet Freedom

Privacy and Internet freedom are at risk in New Zealand from mass surveillance by the Government and its allies. The Internet Party will remove the legal bas...

Responsive Government

A Responsive Government is one that works for the people, not the other way around. 'Working for the people' has many dimensions- from trust in government to...